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In this program participants are taught basic gymnastics skills.  Each participant will be giving an opportunity to express their personal wishes and goals they would like to achieve in gymnastics.  The coach will try to set up a program fitting for each adult and will help them to reach their goals. Examples of goals: getting more flexible, learning a handstand or cartwheel, getting gymnastics basics, getting a stronger core, etc. This is the perfect chance to get stronger, better coordinated, learn gymnastics basics and get more flexible while doing it in a fun environment. In this class you will work with your own bodyweight.  The following equipment will be used:  the tumble track (40 ft long trampoline); the vault (trampoline and a table); the beams; the floor.  There is a limit of 10 adults per class.  Feel free to come, even if you are not a gymnast you are more than welcome!

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