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From 18 months to 3 years, children will start developing motor skills through participation in this class with their parents. They will explore different surfaces, textures and ways to move through various games and obstacle courses. The main goal for these children is to be able to listen and follow instructions by themselves so they can move on to the next level as soon as they are ready. The main skills are strength, coordination and flexibility.


Listening, understanding and being able to follow instructions is required to work with this age group. This class will start the season working on basic motor skills moving forward towards performing the most basic gymnastics skills by themselves, and introducing by the end of the season, gymnastics activities based on team work.



In this age group, gymnasts will work on easy conditioning and flexibility exercises to be able to learn proper gymnastics skills, with each child working at their own pace.The main focus in these classes is on gymnastics basics making a slow progression to harder skills.

Listening skills and good behavior are very important and valued in this age group.


Older BEGINNERS 7 - 8 and 8+ YEAR OLDS


The gymnasts in this class will be developing more strength and will have better control of their body through the season, they will start working on the right technique to improve their basic skills and start working on more advanced gymnastics. The gymnasts will get to learn their favorite skills in gymnastics while improving their strength, body awareness and flexibility.



Gymnasts are assessed and selected by the head coach to take their technique to a higher level. This requires determination, discipline and commitment from the gymnasts to train throughout the week to reach the highest level of gymnastics skill and qualify to perform in meets locally and overseas.


Male gymnastics is all about strength and body awareness and Coach Megan aims to teach the boys various techniques of strength, flexibility, balance and agility using their own body strength. The programme is open to boys aged 5 and up.

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