Quality Gymnastics strives to employ coaches with the highest qualifications.  It is with a quality coaching staff that we aim to provide a positive nurturing environment for all of our gymnasts.

Head Coach:  Diogo Lopes Romero


Diogo Romero is a former gymnast, coach and artist that comes to us from Macau. During his stay in Macau, he performed as a Formation Straps Artist in the biggest based aqua show in the world - The House of Dancing Water, created by Franco Dragone.
His gymnastics career started at 7 years old with artistic gymnastics in his home town Porto Portugal.  Shortly after starting he was selected to the national team and his training became more serious and he embarked on his long career as a high level gymnast.  Diogo competed internationally participating in many competitions as a junior and senior athlete: National Championships (1st Place on Pommel Horse), Europe Championships, World Cups, Universiade, World Championships, Mediterranean Games, and so on…
In 2019, Diogo reached the pinnacle of his career by achieving his goal of creating a new original gymnastics element in his name accepted into the FIG code of points. His element was achieved on pommel horse (his favorite apparatus) and accepted by the International Gymnastics Federation, with the official name - The Romero.
During his 20 years as a gymnast, Diogo Romero always felt the passion to inspire and teach the younger gymnasts which led him to start a parallel career as a coach in 2014 in Portugal. He started coaching Men’s Artistic Gymnastics from the younger ages up to the junior level. His international multicultural experiences as a gymnast made him curious to learn more which led him to attend different international courses, like the FIG course in 2016 in Bolivia (South America) and in 2 different years the Anadia International Coach Academy with Olympic Expert Coaches from Great Britain. Later, Diogo also had experience teaching Women’s Artistic Gymnastics as well as adults in CrossFit.
Diogo’s passion is to teach, coach and educate anyone through gymnastics, to give them the tools they need to achieve their goals and build their values in life.

Senior Coach: Olivia Kapitany

Olivia Kapitany started artistic gymnastics at the age of 5 and was part of the Hungarian National team for 8 years. She loved to compete on uneven bars, that was her favorite apparatus. Olivia retired from competitive artistic gymnastics at the age of 15, but not before participating in the following competitions:  National Master Degree Championships (uneven bars 1st Place), European Youth Olympic Games, European Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships, and the Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Hopes Cup. Next Olivia attended the Acrobat-school and continued her career as an acrobat focusing on her strength, “flying through the air”. After completing her Diploma in Acrobatics, the Acrobat-school asked her to teach aerial classes. These classes included stretching, strength and specific training for the apparatuses. During these times she also coached artistic gymnastics for the Hungarian Aerial Gymnastics association. As Olivia’s acrobat career progressed, she taught workshops in several countries, still evolving herself, in diving, handstand, hand to hand acrobatics, Mongolian stretching, and contemporary dance. As she was learning from so many cultures and different techniques, her teaching is also evolved with it.  Olivia’s superior aerial skills have been featured in many shows throughout the world.  Her final show was one of the biggest shows in the world, The House of Dance Water in Macau.